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Boutique Architectural Design Firm

Our passion is to understand the specific objectives and expectations of the individual client. We aspire to design buildings that exceed these expectations, as the satisfaction of our Clients determines our success. Our ambition is to be your main strategic partner in achieving your construction objectives. As a Boutique Design firm, we strive to ensure that you are treated as the most important asset we have.


Skylan architecture + design studio strives to communicate in a transparent working method, which allows for interaction and anticipation, resulting in increased creativity. We offer our clients a sharp look on the project progress, and afford them the opportunity to check whether we meet their expectations. This not only establishes a relationship of trust between all concerned parties, but also increases the efficiency of the design and construction process.


Creativity and originality should not be limited to the conceptual design, but should be applied throughout the entire development of the project. Our creativity is always sharpened by contact with others, and new design solutions must be constructed by collaboration with our trusted partners and with the positive criticism of all team members. The corner stone for our creativity starts with the client, who presents us with unique challenges.


A transparent collaboration with dynamic Clients, colleagues and other construction partners ensures relationships built on trust that will withstand the complex contractual dialogue of a construction project and will guarantee the successful conclusion of a project. We ensure the design team is put to the full service of the most important team member, the Client: with working procedures and systems, a solid team is composed for each new project, corresponding with the expectations of the client.

Creating Lasting Experiences

Delivering innovative design is our top priority

If architecture is frozen music then music must be liquid architecture.

By Quincy Jones

Good design flows from the employment of skilled and multidisciplinary teams

The starting point of a great design is client commitment

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Delivering innovative design is our top priority

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