Our Project Philosophy

The Firm is committed to excellence in design and service which is achieved through the active participation of the Director and team leaders in every project from inception to completion.

Our Approach

The design team members are individually selected for each project, depending on their particular strengths and experience. The office is however, organized on a flexible basis, thereby making it possible to undertake work at short notice and to work within a specified program.

Stage 1 & 2: Inception, Concept and Viability

Have a one-on-one briefing meeting to establish your specific objectives and expectations, review the site, establish your budgetary constraints, project program and the need for any other specialist consultants.
We then prepare an initial concept design, including rendered layouts, 3D computer rendered artistic impressions of the design.

Stage 3: Design development

Based on the feedback we receive from you, we then develop the design in regards to the construction system, materials and components. We co-ordinate the input of other consultant collaborators and try to ensure the most cost effective design solutions are achieved without compromising your objectives and expectations.

Stage 4: Documentation and procurement

We prepare documentation sufficient for local authority submission, prepare specifications for the works and complete construction documentation and proceed to call for tenders.

Stage 5 & 6: Construction Contract administration and Close out

We administer and perform the duties assigned to us in the Building agreements, to ensure that the building is constructed according to our design intention and that the highest quality product is handed over to you at the end of the project, that exceeds your objectives and expectations

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