Professional Architectural Services

As a Boutique Design firm, we strive to ensure that you are treated as the most important Asset we have. Skylan architecture + Design Studio offers professionalism and steadiness of a dynamic design firm and the organization structure accentuates small teams, guaranteeing flexibility, accessibility and quick action.

Services we can offer you:

  • Professional Architectural Design Services
  • Principal Agent
  • Principal Consultant/Leader to co-ordinate of all other Professional Consultants
  • Project Management
  • Interior design (though our Preferred Design Network)

Our Project Philosophy

The Firm is committed to excellence in design and service which is achieved through the active participation of the Director and team leaders in every project from inception to completion.

Our Approach

The design team members are individually selected for each project, depending on their particular strengths and experience. The office is however, organized on a flexible basis, thereby making it possible to undertake work at short notice and to work within a specified program.

Why hire an Architect?

“Whether you are planning to build your new corporate headquarters or wish to extend your home,
a construction project can be a daunting experience without the support and guidance of a team of
suitable professionals. The core of such expertise lies with the architect, whose role within the building
delivery process extends far beyond merely providing drawings from which to build. Architects are
highly skilled and professionally trained to nurture your vision, and to provide a service from a project’s
inception to its completion and beyond.”, SAIA

What are the Stages of an Architect's Appointment?

  • Stage 1: Inception
  • Stage 2: Concept and Viability
  • Stage 3: Design Development
  • Stage 4: Documentation and procurement
  • Stage 5: Construction and Contract Administration
  • Stage 6: Close-out and Handover

What will I need to bring to our first meeting?

  • Information on your site – if you’ve bought one already
  • A copy of your Title Deed
  • A list of your accommodation requirements (see our Home Planning Sheet if you need help)

I need help choosing a site

If you need help or advice before purchasing a stand, we can assist.

Some aspects to consider:

  • Orientation of the site
  • Views / features
  • Slope
  • Access into the site
  • Existing features or vegetation
  • Architectural guidelines / restrictions

What about getting my project built - were do I start?

Building a project is where the fun begins, but can also be a time of frustration and conflict, so we assist by:

  • Putting together all tender documentation to enable suitable contractors to provide quotations;
  • Collating a list of suitable contractors, checking references and inspecting past projects;
  • Adjudicate tenders and advise on the appointment of the contractor;
  • Assist with the contractual side of the project, as the Principal Agent;
  • Hold site progress meetings to ensure that the project gets built according to our design and required standards;
  • Ensure the project is completed timeously and to your satisfaction.
Quality Design

The quality of design can have a major impact on your investment – both in terms of cost and in terms of usability.

Hiring a Professional Architect should be seen as an investment not a grudge expense

“A good architect actually pays for themselves – more than once. You will reap the reward and the building will be hugely better and deliver much better value for it.” Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs

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