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Our Passion For What We Do

Transfers Into Our Services

A Boutique Architectural Design Firm

Boutique Offering

Our passion is to understand the specific objectives and expectations of the individual client. We aspire to design buildings that exceed these expectations, as the satisfaction of our Clients determines our success. Our ambition is to be your main strategic partner in achieving your construction objectives. As a Boutique Design firm, we strive to ensure that you are treated as the most important asset we have. Skylan offers professionalism and steadiness of a dynamic design firm and the organization structure accentuates small teams, guaranteeing flexibility, accessibility and quick action.


Skylan strives to communicate in a transparent working method, which allows for interaction and anticipation, resulting in increased creativity. We offer our clients a sharp look on the project progress, and afford them the opportunity to check whether we meet their expectations. This not only establishes a relationship of trust between all concerned parties, but also increases the efficiency of the design and construction process.


Creativity and originality should not be limited to the conceptual design, but should be applied throughout the entire development of the project. Skylan’s creativity is always sharpened by contact with others, and new design solutions must be constructed by collaboration with our trusted partners and with the positive criticism of all team members. The corner stone for our creativity starts with the client, who presents us with unique challenges.

Team Effort

A transparent collaboration with dynamic Clients, colleagues and other construction partners ensures relationships built on trust that will withstand the complex contractual dialogue of a construction project and will guarantee the successful conclusion of a project. Skylan ensures the design team is put to the full service of the most important team member, the Client: with working procedures and systems, a solid team is composed for each new project, corresponding with the expectations of the client.

Team Leadership

Skylan is able to act as your Principal Consultant and co-ordinate the rest of the professional team on your behalf under our service umbrella if required, thereby increasing efficiency, collaboration and seamless communication – a single point of contact.


Skylan is dedicated to creating lasting impressions and unforgettable experiences for our Clients and the End-users alike. We will manage the whole process from Concept to Completion.

"If architecture is frozen music then music must be liquid architecture.” Quincy Jones

Quote - Quincy Jones

“My passion and great enjoyment for architecture, and the reason the older I get the more I enjoy it, is because I believe we - architects - can effect the quality of life of the people.” Richard Rogers

quote -Richard Rodgers

“A truly great book should be read in youth, again in maturity and once more in old age, as a fine building should be seen by morning light, at noon and by moonlight.” Robertson Davies

Quote - Robertson Davies

We Are Designers. We Are Innovators. We Are:


Company Leadership: Managing Director
Stephen Wood

My Story

I qualified as a Professional architect in 1995, and have more than twenty five years experience in the Architectural design industry.

I learned the art of Architecture and Business working in a large international practice, where I started as a newly qualified architect. I was promoted to Associate and then made a partner in 2003.

Being an ambitious Architect, I took an opportunity to start my own practice in 2004. This company was bought out by a leading Property Developer in 2010 and amalgamated into a multi-disciplinary practice, of which I was made the CEO and managed that company until December 2013.

In 2014 I started Skylan Architecture and Design Studio, where I continue to be the sole Director and owner, with the vision to collaborate with dynamic industry leaders, Ambitious Clients and talented Designers and Professionals to produce a meaningful and lasting impact on the built environment.

My History in a Snap-Shot

1996 - 1997
Candidate Architect at Papageorgiou Architects
1997 - 2002:
Junior Architect – Ridler Shepherd Low Architects
2002 - 2003
Promoted as Associate Director – Ridler Shepherd Low Architects
2003 - 2004
Became a Partner & Director – Ridler Shepherd Low Architects
June 2004 - July 2010
Owner & Managing Director of SW Architects.
July 2010
Bought out by Rescon Projects (Pty) Ltd (a multi-disciplinary consulting firm)
July 2010 - 2014
CEO of Rescon Projects (Pty) Ltd and Chief Architect.
2014 - Present
Owner and Managing Director of Skylan Architecture and Design Studio (Pty) Ltd

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